Jake and My NYC Canine Walker

Jake and My NYC Dog Walker

I love my dog, Jake.

She (yes, girl dog named Jake, long story) greets me at the door when I come home and loves me unconditionally.

However, when I’m at work Jake is in the apartment alone. Several times I’ve arrived home only to find my armchair chewed up or the trash spread all over the kitchen floor.

She isn’t a bad dog, just bored. Thank heaven I found the perfect New York dog walker!

I interviewed a number of Manhattan dog walkers before I found Jaime. And it’s not that many NY dog walkers are bad, it’s just that I wanted to find the perfect fit for Jake and me. Jake tends to like women much better than men, and Jaime just fit! She let Jake warm up to her, she didn’t force anything. I found that particularly impressive. So many other NY dog walkers seemed in a hurry to get the contract and hustle out the door with ten other dogs.

But I digress.

What did I look for in my NYC dog walker?

First, I wanted Jake to have individual, personalized attention. I’m okay with one additional dog on her walk, it gives her a playmate. However, when I’m off to the subway in the morning it seems like the New York City Dog Walkers Union is out in force, each with a dozen dogs or more. I ask you, how can someone give my cherished pet individual attention in a pack like that?

Second, I wanted my NYC dog walker to CARE about my dog. I mean, I’m not unreasonable. Not all New York City dog walkers are going to feel about Jake the same way I do, but hey! A little care and concern is not too much to ask for.

Third, I wanted to find someone who would also be willing to stay with Jake when I had to go out of town. I travel for work, and knowing that my New York pet sitter is the same person who takes Jake on her daily walks is priceless to me. Jaime has become part of the family and when I have to leave town, I can relax knowing she’s at home with Jake.

Not all New York pet sitters offer this same kind of personalized service.

Are you wondering how I found my NYC dog walker?

I started out by searching the internet (doesn’t everyone?!?) There are many New York City dog walkers listed online, but I found that search was too broad. I narrowed the search to Manhattan dog walkers, which worked much better for my local area.

I also tried searching for New York pet sitters, but that brought up pet boarding facilities, which I didn’t need. (Jake doesn’t do well at kennels, she won’t eat.)

Then I read reviews for the several companies I found. Boy, was that an eye opener! Be sure you read the reviews yourself when looking for your New York dog walker – they aren’t all good. Jaime is affiliated with a dog walking service in NYC that advertises that they fill your pet’s water bowl each time they visit. If you ask them to, they’ll also feed your dog at no charge. Or maybe your pet needs ear medicine applied during the day, your dog walker in NY will most likely be happy to help there too.

If you’re going to look online for your New York dog walker, you might try the following search terms: “Dog Walker New York,” “Pet Sitter New York,” “Dog Walker NY” and “Dog Walking Services NYC.” You can also narrow down your search by being more specific with your location, like listing “Manhattan Dog Walker” or “Upper East Side Dog Walkers.”

Don’t be afraid to interview prospective dog walking services. NYC offers a wide variety of personalities and preferences! Be sure your pet likes and trusts his new friend. Finding a specific dog walker in New York who can also become your at-home pet sitter in New York will provide peace of mind.

By the way, pet sitters/dog walkers in New York are typically bonded and insured. Ask about that when you interview your dog walker. New York does not require a business license to be a dog walker, but insurance and bonding is an excellent way to determine if your dog walker in NY is responsible. Bonding covers any loss due to theft and liability insurance covers loss due to mistake, like accidentally starting a fire. A pet sitter in New York who is insured and bonded is most likely stable and dependable.

Also, be aware that you can personalize your NY dog walker’s visit to your pet’s individual needs. If you have a puppy who needs potty training, you can arrange for two or more visits during the day. Some higher energy dogs need longer walks, or more frequent walks. For Jake, two 45 minute walks each day are perfect. When I get home, she’s glad to see me, but not bored. Actually, she’s a little tired!

Have you heard that saying, a tired dog is a happy dog? It’s true – and no more chewed up furniture!

Noah really loves his home and family and of course his dog. He also loves to learn about everything. Feel free to see some of his interests at

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