Flats in Manhattan

Apartments in Manhattan

Manhattan is indeed one of the best known areas in the US and across the world too. It is famous for the huge skyscrapers that adorn the Manhattan island cityscape across the fabulous Statue of Liberty. It is also known for its many offices and head quarters of multi national corporations that it houses in the portals of the offices that are located in this expensive stretch of land that ranks among the most sought after office space locations anywhere in the world. This borough of New York is indeed the worldwide hub of the financial, banking, commercial and entertainment industries of the world. It is where the headquarters of the UN is located and also has many offices of radios, TV stations as well as newspapers. 

Getting cheap apartments in Manhattan is not impossible. This may be a little bit of a challenge given the fact that this is the foremost business district in the whole world where the movers and shakers of the world economic system live and work. But then nothing is impossible as ‘where there is a will there is a way’. If you are a single person (bachelor or bachelorette) you can opt to stay in a space saving studio flat.

Studio flats could be just 300-400 square feet in area, comprising of one well appointed and large room that acts as the living room, the bedroom and even the dining area along with separate kitchen and bathroom. This will help you save on precious money while ensuring that you live in style and comfort in an area like Manhattan. If you have your office here, it will help you save a lot of commute time, money and effort, too, as you aim at living within your means – by all means. 

If you have a family, locating apartments in Manhattan may need some more legwork and effort to locate given the costliness of the area. You can scour newspaper classifieds as well as online lists to look up inexpensive apartments in Manhattan. There could be some 1 -2 bedroom flats that may be available in that could meet your strained budget. Also, if you are working do remember that you could afford to pay a little extra rent as you will anyway save significantly on commuting and time and as they say in NYC, ” Time is money”. 

Want to move from Queens to Manhattan New York? If you do, it’s going to be hard to find affordable Manhattan apartments, but with a little luck and some perseverance you can find them here: