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Manhattan GMAT Preparation

The writing of this review was obvious. If you are serious about taking the GMAT, the time to put in each week to do the job, and you want a very very good score, Manhattan GMAT is the absolute best company to work with.

I took a course in the summer of 2010. It was a class of 2 months and I decided to pass the GMAT week after the course ends. I busted my butt to do the job and scored a 750 on the test.

Manhattan GMAT is the best for several reasons. First, the strategy guides Manhattan GMAT tell you absolutely everything you need to know for the test – not only how to solve problems, but the tips and secrets. You must know these guides front and rear.

Students have access to 6 mock exams and hundreds of problems with question banks. I found the verbal problems to be pretty accurate in terms of what you find on the GMAT, but the math problems were much harder than anything I saw on the actual GMAT. My point is – if you’re scoring well on the exams then you simulated a real good score on the GMAT (unless you’re really nervous day of the test, for example, and just blank). Take as many mock exams as possible – one every two weeks, for example – to get an idea of where you are.

In addition, instructors are approachable and accessible. You should treat this school as – instructors working for you and want you to get the highest possible score. This is obviously how they keep their jobs! So, send them by email during the week, talk with them after class, do whatever you have to do. Manhattan Review turbo charge your Gmat and Manhattan Gmat Prep arthmatic skills are best books of Manhattan series.

But sign up for Manhattan GMAT. Their program and structure are of course the absolute best way to ensure a 700 + GMAT score.

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