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5 Great NYC Night Clubs

The city of New York is the center of almost all night life and enjoyment. Having some of the very best night life locations in the state, some of the most fascinating scenes at night are found in NYC lounges. And should you be familiar with how the night life in New York is, you almost certainly have encountered making one of the toughest decisions that anyone searching for a great time can have – picking out which place to go. 
Honestly, in the city you will find numerous night clubs to choose from. But to make things easier, this is a quick list of the greatest night clubs. New York has many you can check out. The Otheroom – lots of people consider The Otheroom one of the most romantic bar in the Union Square area. The inside of The Otheroom makes it very unique. Of all NYC lounges this has  exposed brick rooms and little, flickering candles – just enough lighting to make emotional magic. 
The Otheroom is full of the works of local artists like eerie pseudo-African masks adorned on the walls. Inside you will discover young couples staying on beautiful sofas and menus offering up to 60 brands of beer and also a unique set of wine. 
Bar 108 – this particular bar is not as pricey as its neighbors. It just opened its expanding kitchen to the hungry masses. When you step in, you can be amazed with its brand new Soho sports bar with eight flat screens and more than 30 brands of beer offered making it possibly the best NYC bars frequented by travelers and local people alike. 
White Star – this night club is cool and beautiful. Do not judge its size, for the best signature cocktails tend to be offered in White Star. Its famous house absinth is also a primary reason why this bar is a favorite. The sort of audience that White Star attracts is the kind that isn’t afraid to pay out considerable chunks of their paychecks, while they swarm around the marble-top bar. 
Sweet and Vicious – lots of people fancy Sweet and Vicious’ appearance and ambiance. Its warehouse space promises plenty of opportunity for thought and style. The massive main area has a resemblance to a medieval mead lounge of some sort, yet is actually revised to speak to the desires of the contemporary liquor lovers. It has uncovered brick partitions plus wood panel floors with marching large fixtures pretending to be castle chandeliers. Nevertheless the main attractive force of Sweet and Vicious is its $ 1 cocktails and its small and smokers-friendly lawn. 
Elsa – among the many NYC lounges, Elsa will forever continue being number one so far as good quality of drinks are concerned. If you want your beverages to be smooth and well-mixed, then Elsa is the best place to be. Its signature cocktails are a sure winner, because of their bartending pros.

Author Bio: If you are looking for the best night clubs New York has to offer, it is important to find one that offers the best in service and atmosphere. Between the various bars, clubs and event space NYC has everything to guarantee a good time.