Apartment Harassment

Apartment Harassment

Has anyone been harassed while living at an apartment complex? If so how did you heal from it afterwards?

I was harassed at 2 apartment complexes. I minded my own business at both of them and I still noticed unusual things happening while I was living there. At the first one I had talked to the manager. It was during the time when my +1 and I were signing our NEW lease. She felt the need to tell me that she lived at the apartment complex (which I would understand why later on) as we were getting our NEW lease policy copied from the copy machine in their on site office…she copied it very crooked to where half the pages did not have words on them. I had to ask her to re-copy them because they were half copied but she didn’t do it then and it turned into an argument quickly and she started calling me bad names and I said, “Why are you calling me names instead of speaking to me civilized?” It turned into a narcissistic one sided argument and she finally apologized to me and said she would get me the copy of our NEW lease and she went to our door and dropped it off within the hour after she deflected her inner anger for herself onto me.

After that moment I noticed her vehicle, the maintenance workers vehicles, and the lawn service workers vehicles passing by our apartment a lot. They made noise, leaf blew grass, dirt, branches, trash under and into our front door and our backyard. And they would service our apartment last even though we lived in the middle of the complex which didn’t make sense. The only sense I could make of it was that they wanted key to door access to our apartment the entire week they were servicing the complex. We had camera surveillance in our apartment because of their behavior we witnessed. When they serviced our apartment we reviewed our camera footage and they were always covered from head to toe in sweat pants, dark jeans, and a sweater with a hoodie pulled over a hat that they wore.

Why were they afraid to hide their faces and bodies from us?

If you saw the footage you would think a burglar or a gang member or a cult member was breaking into your apartment. It went beyond normal. It seemed like the maintenance workers were living there. It was a very harassing living environment because they did not just work there they lived there too.

We moved and went to the second one where we were harassed again but it was by the manager and another tenant. There were no photos of the front door when we signed our lease and after we signed our papers we went to move in and we noticed there were wet streaks on our door. When my +1 and I got to the front door we smelled cat piss. The tenants next to us had feral cats. Our door got urinated on everyday. She fed them by our garage and not hers. So we would get the hair balls, poop, pee, paw marks and window streaks on our cars, pee on garage door, front door, and plants til they died. The tenant made loud noises often as well. The tenant ignored me when I was washing piss off one night and just spoke to a cat and didn’t speak to me about the mess she created every day. Like one month later she tried speaking to me about the weather while my back was turned opening my garage door to leave that day without saying “Hi”. The tenant had no respect and no manners. I chose to do things the right way…not to be an actress and have a meaningless talk about the weather.

We decided this was beyond speaking to the tenant so I chose to do it the legal way. I began a complaint to the manager and send photos of the cat piss to her and she said she would help us. I called the ASPCA but the law says they can’t do anything about the cats…so they breed uncontrollably. The manager stringed me along into thinking she would do her job and get the feral cats removal done with and it went nowhere. When we were leaving that place the manager was attempting to rush us to get our apartment serviced with 24 hour notices of intimidation and behaving in an angry way leaving mean voicemails and papers at our pissed on door. She yelled at my +1 that I lived with. Toward the last few months we were documenting everything and collecting paper copies of all communication that we had with her. She was another narcissistic manager and the tenant was an animal abuser.

I wish there was an actual law that the ASPCA would be in partner with that coulda’ helped me and my +1 while living at the second apartment. We can’t be the only ones that has had to deal with narcissistic managers of apartments.

Has anyone been harassed while living at an apartment complex?

If so how did you heal from it afterwards?

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