Not Abused Enough

Not Abused Enough

TW: Detailed experiences of CSA

I realized what had happened to me was child sexual abuse a few months ago. My therapist was talking with me and I mentioned my abuser and how we started "talking" when I was 14 and he was 18 at the time. We met online and while we never met in person he groomed the hell out of me; we skyped, messaged eachother, and called one another to dirty talk and so he could give me compliments and "gifts". While at the time I was okay with everything he pressured me to do a lot of things I now regret as an adult and make me feel ashamed of myself. i told my fiance what my therapist thought of this and she does not seem to think it's a huge deal; she never came out and said she doesn't disbelieve that it was traumatic but she never understands why I get so upset when I think about my abuser or something that triggers me. My fiance was a victim of CSA for 6 years by her former step father; I know that what she went through is a LOT more traumatic than anything I have ever experienced. So I ask is it weird for me to be so sensitive to the topic when my abuse wasn't that bad?

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