I worry excessively for my SO’s safety

I worry excessively for my SO’s safety

Does anyone else do this? I'm a 19 year old dude and I'm just now coming to realize that my father was grooming me from a young age when I'd get to visit him a couple times a year. Beforehand I knew that sex existed but I didn't truly understand the specifics, or that people did it for fun, or anything like that. But he had shown me some rather hardcore pornography and 'demonstrated' acts in front of me, encouraging me to do it when I was alone. I knew this wasn't normal, even when I was young, but for the longest time I just played it up to just being something weird that happened. Then I started to realize it was wrong. And I started to realize that it really has made an underlying impact on me.

Anyways, among a host of issues I experience, a major one is worrying for my girlfriend's safety. She's a beautiful and young woman and I'm terrified she'll be sexually harassed, assaulted, or even raped by someone. It's a bit irrational but it can send me into a full blown panic attack if I let my mind wander. I don't like letting her go to places alone. We're getting a place together soon and I look for every little detail that might seem off about the neighborhood that might make it unsafe. When we're out in public I keep a watchful eye on anyone I see. One day someone cat called her while we were in the car and I just about lost it. I was so pissed. But not as pissed as the day I thought a man cat called her while we were walking in the mall. As it turns out, the door simply made a whistle sound as it closed, and luckily I realized it because I would've done something worth being posted on /r/PublicFreakout.

I constantly make sure she understands how to defend herself. Why she shouldn't listen to that beggar randomly telling her some long story. What she should do if she feels like she's in danger. Preventative tactics. I even got her one of those super loud alarm key chains and I plan to fit our place with security systems like motion detector lights and basic cameras.

Does anyone else experience something similar to this or am I alone here? I try to keep it under control, but sometimes this stuff gets the best of me.

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